At Fantasy Bridal, we offer a third-party company named Wedding Gown Preservation Co. where you can have your wedding dress  cleaned and preserved. Your gown is put in a shadow box to be viewed/preserved for up to 100 years. 

Why to clean and preserve a wedding gown
✓ Stains settle in the fabric over time. Cleaning now prevents fabric damage later.
✓ Wedding Gown Preservation Co. is a family owned & operated business, specializing in all delicate fabrics and bridal embellishments since 1913.
✓ 100% organic environmentally friendly cleaning- the leaders in wedding gown care, utilizing biodegradable solvents to beautifully restore gowns.
✓ Optional upgrades for personalization & higher end gowns.
✓ 5 accessories included.
✓ Gown is placed in an acid-neutral preservation chest with a clear polyester viewing window. The perfect environment for long-term storage.
✓ 100 year guarantee against yellowing.
✓ Ability to perform a gentle bridal inspection

All you need to do is bring your dress  into our store where you will pay for the service and we will do the rest for you!

If you bought your dress through us, you will receive $50 off the cost of the preservation. Please call us at 801-963-1700 for current pricing.

For additional information about the company and what they offer.