Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

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Mar 01, 2021

Congratulations! You're recently engaged and you have no idea where to start with all the wedding planning that needs to be done.  When looking at what needs to be planned, the three largest components of your wedding day are your budget, venue and wedding dress. These three are what set the tone for your wedding day and are crucial to getting started.


Figuring out the budget is the first thing you must know in order to know what money needs to be allocated to each aspect of the wedding.  Without this you will have no clue where to start.  The venue is important because it may be one of the most expensive aspects of the wedding day.  The venue also might have things included with the price like, linens and tables, that would help you from having to include that into your planning.


When it comes to finding your dream wedding dress, you may have dreamed about the perfect princess dress since you were a child or you have no clue how to even start.


Creating a Pinterest Board that's dedicated to your wedding day will help narrow down what it is that you're looking for.  Anything from finding your color scheme or elements that you want included on your wedding day (ex. your dog or floral arrangements) will help guide your overall wedding look to a theme.


Having this Pinterest Board will not only help guide you in the direction you want your wedding to go in, but by showing your wedding dress expert your Pinterest Board, it will instantly give them a good idea of the direction you're going for without even seeing dress ideas.


In the bridal industry, they suggest finding your dress at least 7 to 10 months prior to your wedding date.  That being said, Utah is a whole different industry when it comes to wedding dresses and most girls have a shorter engagement period.  At Fantasy Bridal, we sell most of our dresses off of our sales floor to make it less stressful and more convenient.


When you are ready to come find your dress, all of our wedding dresses can be previewed on our website. When you are ready to book, making an appointment is as easy as doing it online or giving us a call at 801-963-1700!