Wedding Dress Sizing

Wedding Dress Sizing

Navigating Wedding Dress Sizes: It's Just a Number!

If you're venturing into bridal shopping for the first time or have limited experience, understanding wedding dress sizes can be perplexing. With many designers hailing from Europe, sizing charts often follow European standards. However, at Fantasy Bridal, we want to reassure you that the number on the label is just that—a number.

Many brides find themselves going up 1-2 sizes from their regular pant size when trying on wedding dresses. Don't let this discrepancy alarm you. What truly matters is how stunning you feel in the dress and the confidence it instills in you.


Ditching "Sample Sizes": Traditionally, bridal stores carry what's known as "sample sizes," typically ranging from 8-14. However, at Fantasy Bridal, we believe in offering a more inclusive approach to wedding dress shopping. Our extensive collection boasts sizes ranging from 0-32W, ensuring every bride can try on a dress in their size without compromise. And not only this but all of our gowns are available to purchase immediately if you have a wedding soon.


Navigating Designer Size Charts: Just as clothing brands vary in sizing, each designer employs a unique size chart for their dresses. Our experienced consultants are well-versed in the nuances of each designer's sizing, ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience. Trust your consultant to curate a selection of dresses tailored to your timeframe, budget, preference and size.


Timing Matters: While wedding dress shopping traditionally kicks off the wedding planning process, it's essential to consider your wedding date in relation to gown procurement. Ordering a brand-new dress can take 6-9 months, so planning ahead is key. However, if your wedding is less than 6 months away, fear not. At Fantasy Bridal, we house over 3,000 wedding dresses in sizes 0-32W to accommodate every timeline. Remember, the more time you allocate, the wider array of options you'll have.


Embark on your wedding dress journey with confidence at Fantasy Bridal, where we believe that every bride deserves to find the dress of her dreams, regardless of size or timeline. Browse our selection of wedding dresses on our website today! All of the gowns you see on our website reflect what is available in-store and updates every 24 hours.