Mother of the Bride: Guide

Mother of the Bride: Guide

First of all, we LOVE it when our brides have a close relationship with their mothers, but we also want all mother’s to know and understand that it is not their special day. This is the day for the BRIDE to feel THEIR best and the happiest. We love seeing moms be there during the appointment, but also moms tend to have the most influence on what the bride will say yes to. 


Mother Knows Best

We know mothers know what’s the best for their child, but also they’re their own individuals with their own personal style. Take the time to listen to what dress style she is looking for, and what will make her feel the best. As much as you know her, she also knows herself and understands what style she is going for. 


Meeting in the Middle Ground

It would be amazing if the bride wanted to wear your wedding dress, but also there’s a chance that she wants a special dress just for her on her special day. After all, trends and styles have changed, and maybe she would like something more modern for her wedding day. Perhaps suggesting a family heirloom over the wedding dress would be the best suitable offer! This can be a veil, brooch, some earrings, etc. 


Let the Bride be FIRST

Unless she wants you to pre-shop for her wedding dress DON’T DO IT! Do it together instead! The bride knows what type of look she’s looking for, and if she doesn’t, then let her be in the shop to figure out what she would want to say yes to. Also when shopping for a wedding dress, wait your turn on getting the MOB gown. Wait to shop until the bride-to-be is comfortable with her selection, it is her special day after all. 


In the end, you’re HER rock

You're her mom in the end, she’s always going to need her mom. She relies on you for stability and support, so let’s make this environment as peaceful as possible! Wedding dress shopping can be a roller coaster of emotions, but it’ll create a lifetime memory that should be remembered as a joyous occasion. There is too many times that we see a "Mother-of-the-Bride" that's actually the "Bride-zilla". We don't want that for you so be her support system.