June 23, 2020

Beautiful Bridal Ballgowns

Written by Fantasy Bridal Team

The traditional ballgown isn't necessarily traditional anymore. Ballgowns now can make any statement you would like them to. Boho, fairytale, modern, classic, you name it. Don't shy away from a ballgown because it seems like it can only fit one style of wedding. Take a look at these ballgowns below for just a taste of the variety we have in store.


This modest ballgown has a modern twist with its horizontal horsehair stripes. The trickling lace appliques also give this bridal gown a romantic touch.


This strapless ballgown is all things romantic, classic and fairytale. With all-over lace details you'll feel like Cinderella at the ball.


Another modest ballgown that screams glamorous. The bodice is encrusted with beads helping you sparkle on your wedding day!

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