Basque Waist: The Trend of the Season

Basque Waist: The Trend of the Season

Basque Waist: The Trend of the Season. Mobile Image

Mar 27, 2024

As we delve into the anticipated bridal trends for 2024/2025, it becomes evident that the Basque waist silhouette is emerging as a dominant force. Amidst a myriad of captivating trends such as sculptured ball gowns, square necklines, structured minimal details, and colored wedding dresses, the Basque waist reigns supreme.

In a recent unveiling, we had the privilege of acquiring the Disney Princess and Disney Villain inspired wedding dress collection by Allure Bridal x Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. Within this enchanting collection, two standout dresses, namely Cinderella and Aurora, captivated hearts with their masterful incorporation of the Basque waist silhouette. This infusion of regal elegance with the timeless Basque waist accentuates the allure of these iconic characters, offering brides a chance to embody the essence of fairy tales on their special day.



Cinderella by The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection



Aurora from The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection


If you’re not trying to go for an obvious Basque waist, these are the wedding dresses for you! They both have a small dip in the waist allowing to give a more Princess look for both of the skirts of the wedding dresses! 



Primrose by Morilee



Priscilla by Morilee 


Discover two exquisite wedding dresses by renowned designer Morilee, ideal for those seeking a Basque waist and a classic ballgown silhouette. Primrose captivates with its enchanting floral lace and whimsical allure, complemented by detachable tulle sleeves that seamlessly blend with the ethereal skirt. For a more understated elegance, Priscilla offers a minimalistic approach to the ballgown aesthetic. Its Basque waist exudes sophistication with a structured corset effect, while the pleated satin skirt adds a touch of refinement to the overall look. Explore these timeless designs for a truly unforgettable bridal ensemble.




Adularia by Watters



Kacey by Watters


For those seeking a bolder interpretation of the Basque waist or those who prefer a departure from traditional ballgowns, look no further than the creations of designer Watters. Introducing Adularia and Kacey, two impeccably crafted dresses tailored to fulfill your distinctive preferences. Embracing a sleek sheath silhouette, both designs accentuate the Basque waist with unparalleled flair, offering a striking alternative to conventional ballgowns. While Kacey boasts a corset-inspired Basque waist for a structured allure, Adularia features a more gathered, scrunchy waistline, exuding modern sophistication. Explore these unique interpretations for a truly individualized bridal statement.


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