March 03, 2020

Will My Wedding Dress Be On-Time?

Written by Fantasy Bridal Team

There has been several concerns brought to our attention about the wide-spread Coronavirus effecting the wedding dress industry, we want you to know not to worry! At Fantasy Bridal, we have had all of our designers reach out to us and let us know that everything is still in order.

According to Justin Alexander in a recent press release, “…brides-to-be will receive their wedding dresses without delay. All of their Chinese factories have reopened and are expected to be fully staffed by the end of March”.

Venus Bridal, one of our many designers that we carry in-store, also made a statement about what they are doing in the midst of the outbreak. “Our team will prioritize “Work in Progress” and expedite time-sensitive orders for March and April wear dates. We are temporarily suspending new rush and quick delivery orders and remain optimistic with our standard, non-rush deliveries and will provide updates to this as the situation develops”.

Both Justin Alexander and Maggie Sottero have made statements that the virus cannot survive on their products. “According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer is: “Almost certainly NO. Because of poor survivability of the virus on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of it spreading via products or packages that are shipped over a period of days or weeks”.

At Fantasy Bridal, we validate your concerns and being around for over 30 years we have faced numerous challenges such as the recent Chinese Tariffs and the LA Port Strikes of 2014. There has never been an occurrence that a bride has not been able to receive their wedding dress on-time for their special day. With our long-time experience, we automatically pad each wedding dress designers dates anywhere from two to four weeks to account for any possible delays that might incur.

Even if you still have concerns about ordering your wedding dress, Fantasy Bridal offers over 1,000 gowns that can be purchased in-store. We also do a free press and detail to ensure your wedding dress is ready for your special wedding day!

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Thank you,

Fantasy Bridal

For more information and the actual press releases, see the following PDF files: