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Alterations and Modest Fills

With each dress that is purchased in our store there are a unique set of circumstances as to what the bride needs in terms of alterations. The vast majority of dresses purchased need to be altered to better fit the bride. Those alterations may involve changes to the bodice, hem, bustline, etc.

Outside of the standard alterations required to make the dress fit properly, many brides decide they would like to customize their dress with additional alterations. This may include changing the neckline and sleeves or even doing a modest fill on a contemporary dress.

Fantasy Bridal specializes in customizing contemporary gowns to offer a modest alternative. Annette Riccardi, our founder, pioneered the true modest fill with matching laces and fabrics over 25 years ago, and we continue to use that method today. We also have a growing selection of "Fillable Gowns" that are just a few alterations away from being considered modest. We hope that these will help fill the gap to offer even more alternatives.

Our seamstresses have been hand-picked and are experts in their field. When purchasing and altering your gown at Fantasy Bridal, your gown never leaves the controlled environment of our store giving you the peace of mind that it is well cared for by our seamstresses. With your alterations, you receive one free steaming/pressing and detailing of your wedding gown, valued at $85.

At Fantasy Bridal we pride ourselves in having in-house alterations. Therefore, we guarantee our work and will not let you leave the store until you are 100% satisfied with the way your wedding dress looks.


Frequently Asked Questions

"If you measure me, why should I need alterations after my dress arrives?"

While we do our best to order the closest size possible to your measurements, unless you are the exact measurements of the size chart and 5'7" to 5'9" tall, you will need some sort of alterations to tailor your gown to your figure. Typical alterations are a bodice, hem and bustle and a shoulder adjustment for a sleeved gown. Only 1 bride out of 1000 may need no alterations but will still elect to have the train bustled on her gown for dancing or walking.

"Are alterations included in the price of the dress?"

Because each person is unique, there is no possible way to build the price of the alterations into the dress price. We would hate to penalize the brides that need very little work or the brides that choose to have their gowns altered elsewhere. Therefore alterations are priced separately.

"How far in advance do I need to schedule my fitting?"

We highly suggest scheduling your "Save the Date" on the day you purchase your wedding gown. We typically need 4-6 weeks to do alterations and the "Save the Date" saves your spot and guarantees a done date. If you elect to do bridal photos prior to your wedding date, this needs to be taken into consideration.

"Why is custom work (including modest fills) so expensive?"

Each custom alteration is made to specifically fit the bride. This requires that patterns are cut for that bride and also includes any minor adjustments needed to ensure that the custom work fits perfectly before the bride takes the gown home. It often requires several hours of work to get the dress just right for the bride.

Below are a few gowns we have done different custom modifications such as: adding long sleeves, bell sleeves, flutter sleeves, or doing modest fills